Fa­mo­us rus­si­on Sci-Fic­ti­on and Fan­ta­sy aut­hor De­nis Che­kalov has get pub­li­shed al­re­ady 25 No­vels, his Blog has be­en vi­siting by do­zens of tho­usands of pe­op­le. His uni­que vi­si­on of li­fe, ac­ti­on, phi­osop­hy and mys­tic ma­kes his bo­oks in­to­xica­ting.

The El­ven Land” aka “Fran­kie and Mi­cha­el”

Af­ter the Gre­at Schism the hu­man world was dest­ro­yed, and the old ma­gic ra­ces re­tur­ned from the Ne­ver­land.

Three migh­ty Em­pi­res ru­le this new world.

The first is The Land of Tre­fo­il, al­so known as the El­ven Land. The se­cond is As­gard — on­ce migh­ty but now ex­pi­ring em­pi­re. The third is the young and agg­res­si­ve Hob­goblin Ka­gana­te.

Orc’s ri­ver di­vides the world in­to two parts — one ru­led by tech­no­logy, and the ot­her by ma­gic.

The ma­in cha­rac­ter is Mi­cha­el, El­ven aris­tocrat, Chan­cellor of the Black Dra­gon; he per­forms spe­ci­al as­sign­ments at the El­ven San­hedrin. His part­ner is Fran­co­ise, the Fla­me De­moness. A few years ago, af­ter Ler­na­ean war, he ga­ve her his so­ul... In exc­han­ge for what? Even The Ma­ges of The Black Circ­le know not­hing abo­ut it.

The­re are se­ven no­vels in the se­ri­es.

1. Fran­kie and Mi­cha­el
2. The Pen­du­lum of Fa­te
3. Bet­we­en the Two Wars
4. The Ho­unds of Hell
5. The Li­fe-Gi­ving
6. The Whis­pe­ring Tu­lips
7. The Twi­light Jud­ge

The Chro­nic­les of Eter­ni­ty

From the cre­ation of the world, the Or­der of the Ti­me Ke­epers saw to it that not­hing sho­uld in­terfe­re in the co­ur­se of his­to­ry. From the­ir Ci­tadel, the Ke­epers cont­rol the co­ur­se of ti­me and exis­tence.

The Ke­epers are im­mortal. But the­re is one ru­le: af­ter tho­usand years, the Ke­eper had to die. Ot­herwi­se, The Evil wo­uld cap­tu­re his so­ul and turn him in­to a sla­ve.

The ma­in cha­rac­ter — un­na­med ma­gici­an — jo­ur­ne­yed to the si­len­ce and me­dita­ti­on to li­ve his last day.

An imp­rom­ptu me­eting with Snez­ha­na the Ama­zon com­pels him to in­terve­ne in the events of the past. He was se­vere­ly wo­un­ded, and when awo­ke, he re­ali­zed that he no lon­ger wants to die.

With eve­ry ho­ur his de­sire to li­ve grows stron­ger; so he be­came an apos­ta­te, and now all the po­wer of the Or­der will des­cend on him...

1. The Oath of the Apos­ta­te
2. The Da­emon
3. Ghosts of the Mo­und
4. The Ice Shards of Eter­ni­ty
5. The Bron­ze To­wer of Mad­ness

Ti­me pas­sed. The for­mer Ti­me Ke­eper li­ves in Im­pe­ri­el’Tal­las, the ca­pital of To­usend-Ci­ti­es. On­ly a few pe­op­le know abo­ut his past. Now he is a pri­vate de­tec­ti­ve who un­ra­vels the ma­gic cri­mes.

So be­gins the new se­ri­es “The Chro­nic­les of Ta­na­is

1. The Bo­ok of De­ad Na­mes
2. The Po­ison of the Purp­le Chi­mera
3. The Sea Dra­gons of Des­pa­ir
4. The Dol­men

The War­ri­or

The ac­ti­on ta­kes pla­ce in me­di­eval Rus­sia. Ma­in cha­rac­ters are Pe­ter the Tan­ner, the merc­hant and ex-rob­ber Gre­gory Kli­koff, his as­sistant — Fe­dot the Be­ast, the de­migod Hor­sus.

You’ll me­et re­al his­to­rical per­so­nages: Syl­vester; Fi­odor Ada­sheff, the fat­her of Ale­xei Ada­sheff; Ma­xim Grek, Czar Ivan IV; Tur­kish Sul­tan Su­le­iman the Mag­ni­ficent, and ot­hers.

1. The Blo­od of the Dra­gon
2. The Lo­neli­ness of the Gar­go­yle
3. The Co­in of the De­sire
4. The Sha­dow of the Mo­nas­te­ry
5. The Ke­eper of the Tho­usands ga­te
6. The So­ul Hun­ters
7. The Mos­cow Rob­bers
8. The Val­le of Sor­row
9. The Ro­ad of Glo­ry

The Sha­des of Los An­ge­les

The de­tec­ti­ve se­ri­es. The pro­tago­nist is Ca­de Ken­sing­ton, a for­mer mer­ce­nary who opens the se­curi­ty agen­cy.

Ca­de do­es not be­li­eve in law, in jus­ti­ce, or in mo­ney. The­re are on­ly two re­al for­ces in the world — the fe­ar and the vi­olen­ce. In­no­cent pe­op­le suf­fer and die — and the ri­ches are be­coming ri­cher.

Ken­sing­ton is not Don Qui­xote. But he al­wa­ys helps pe­op­le who got in­to tro­ub­le. Ca­de knows that the worst pe­op­le’s ene­mi­es are not ter­ro­rists or cri­minals, but the­ir own la­ziness, stu­pidi­ty and vi­ces, which no Don Qui­xote co­uld co­pe.

The Grey Uni­corn

The se­ri­es of mys­ti­cal sto­ri­es abo­ut a girl-psy­chic Ve­roni­ca Cha­se.


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